Why attend?

Festival of Learning is a week long virtual event. We are offering social work professionals the opportunity to attend almost 20 online sessions, delivered by sector experts and providing insights into innovation and good practice in social work. While most sessions do have a fee attached, our two event sponsors, Wiltshire Council and Cafcass will be hosting 2 free sessions.

With this online event you can tailor your attendance according to your needs, work commitments and the time you have available. 

What can Festival of Learning offer you?

As a social worker
- Training and best-practice advice from social care experts to enable you to make decisions more confidently
- Essential learning to boost your CPD
- A chance to network and share practice challenges with peers, sector thought leaders and key national bodies. Almost 5000 attended our virtual event in 2020 

As a team leader/ manager
- Essential learning on how to get the best out of your teams from our management-focused sessions
- Training to help your social workers tackle the biggest practice challenges and boost their legal literacy
- Examples of innovation in social work and case studies demonstrating how other teams have improved practice

As a commissioner/ head of service
- Access the latest innovation and best practice on how local authorities and providers are tackling the sector’s key challenges
- Gain up-to-date information and guidance on the challenges social work teams are currently facing

Here's what some attendees from the 2022 event had to say:

"The content was concise and informative, with obvious links to practice. I appreciated the level of experience and sector knowledge the three presenters had."

"It was very, very well done and very informative. I have learnt so much!"

"Informative, relevant to current social issues, excellent presentations."